How does the Fachschaft finances its’ projects?

The students engaged in the work of the Fachschaft are volunteers, nonetheless it is essential to have money to be able to realize projects. Our budges comes from the semester contribution that every student students pays. From 7.50€ 60% goes directly to the student councils like us, and 40% go to the budget of the central student council.

As we are dealing with public money, transparency and participation are cornerstones of our work ethics. All our financial decisions concerning are documented in the protocolls of our meetings which you can consult on our website. At the meetings themselves all students have the opportunity to participate and decide.
Our expenditures of the past two years are visualized in the Finance-Visualizer-Tool:

What are the “studentische QualitĂ€tssicherungsmittel”?

Besides the money of the Fachschaft itself, we can decide on the expenditure of Quality assurance products (german: QualitĂ€tssicherungsmittel, short: QSM). These funds sum up to approximately 100’000€ for Physics and Maths/Computer Science each. You can find more background information on the QSM on the website of the
QSM-department of the Studierendenrat.
This money is dedicated to assuring the quality of teaching in our subjuct, thus in the past projects like the following have been supported with our initiative:
If you have ideas, come to our meetings or write an email to us!