Laureates of the teaching award

The teaching award of the faculty of physics and astronomy is awarded by the study committee to motivated teachers on the basis of the evaluation results. The results are discussed in detail in the meetings of the study committee. The students representatives actively participate in the decision process.
On the initiative of the student representatives the teaching prices is awarded in a session of the Colloquium of the Physics faculty.
We have set up this website at the end of 2017 in order to introduce the price to a wider public.

Semester PersonReason
WS 20/21Prof. JĂŒrgen Berges and Dr. Eduard ThommesFor their joint efforts in the Mathematics preparatory course
WS 20/21Janica BĂŒhler and Elisa ZieglerFor their tutorial of “Introduction to Climate Modeling and Data analysis”
SS 20Prof. Werner Aeschbach and Prof. André Butz
SS 20Alexander Wagner
SS 20Christian Sorgenfrei
WS 19/20Prof. Peter FischerFor his excellent teaching over the years
WS 19/20Yeong Chul YunFor his tutorial in Physik B
WS 19/20Tobias HaasFor his tutorial in PTP
SS 19Prof. Tilman EnssFor his course Advanced Statistical Physics
SS 19Nilab AbbasFor his tutorial in Physik B
WiSe 18/19Prof. Fred JendrzejewskiBecause of his good evaluation results for the Master-Core-Course Advanced Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.
WiSe 18/19Dr. Anna PasqualiAnna Pasquali showed remarkable commitment in experimental physics tutorials and good evaluation results in her Master-Core-Course “Astronomical Techniques” throughout the last years, which made her an incontestable candidate for the teaching price.
SS 18Prof. Norbert FrankBecause of his dedication in the teaching of environmental physics.
SS 18Nicolas LabicheBecause of his achievements as a Tutor in Physics A/B for non-physicists. The students enjoyed his commitment which could be seen in his excellent evaluation results.
WS 17/18Prof. Björn-Malte SchÀferBecause of his good evaluation results, especially last semester in the Bachelor-Course PTP III: Theoretical Electrodynamics.
WS 17/18Prof. Astrid EichhornHer course on black holes has recieved excellent evaluation results, which made the decision to award her the teaching price easy.
SS 17Prof. Ulrich SchwarzProf Schwarz has shown a strong and durable commitment for teaching at our faculty, especially his evaluation results of the lectures on stochastic and nonlinear dynamics mirrored this fact.
SS 17Nikolas SchnellbÀcherBecause of his very good evaluation results in tutorials on theoretical physics.
SS 17Alexander EngelnBecause of his highly appreciated tutorial on Theoretical Physics 1 for freshmen.
WS 16/17Prof. Matthias BartelmannHe regulary obtains almost perfect evaluation results, lastly in PTP1 and PTP2. Furthermore, his innovative tutorial concepts are highly appreciated.
WS 16/17Dr. Robert WeisRobert Weis tutorial has been engaged in tutorials for many years. The students highly enjoy his tutorials on experimental physics, which is the reason why his evaluation results are among the best.
SS 16Prof. Manfred SalmhoferBecause of his good results for Theoretical Electrodynamics, which is often evaluated worse than other courses.
SS 16Dr. Hans-GĂŒnter LudwigBecause of his achievements as a tutor throughout the years.
WS 15/16Prof. Cornelis DullemondBecause of his dedication to teach physics. His lecture on “Physics of everyday life” received really positive feedback.
WS 15/16Priv. Doz. Sebastian KempfFor his excellent tutorials in experimental physics.
SS 15Prof. Norbert ChristliebFor his lectures for non-physicists, Physik A/B.
SS 15Dr. Jens WagnerAs the organizer of the lab courses he has been consistently working to improve it and lastly introduced Python into the data analysis parts.
WS 14/15Prof. Michael HausmannBecause of his engagement in the education in physics of prospective doctors.
SS 14Prof. Carlo EwerzBecause of his unique teaching style, which brought him really good results in the course theoretical Electrodynamics.
WS 13/14Prof. Ulrich UwerFor his course Physik B.
WS 13/14Dr. Thomas RobitailleBecause of his development of a Python Course for prospective physicists.
SS 13Dr. Mirko RösnerHis dedication as a head tutor in the course Höhere Mathematik II and III was highly appreciated by the students.
WS 12/13Dr. Robert SchmidtHe has worked as a head tutor for many years and always recieved good evaluation results.
WS 12/13Tilman HartwigBecause of his good tutorials.
SS 11Prof. Carsten MĂŒllerBecause of his lecture on group theory for physicists.
SS 10Dr. Rudolf LöhkensBecause of his dedication in the education of ongoing teachers.
SS 09Prof. Maarten de KievietBecause of his really good evaluation results for his course Physik A/B.
2008Prof. Matthias BartelmannFor his unique and motivated teaching style.