Evaluation and Teaching Award

The Fachschaft is organizing the evaluation of the lectures at the physics faculty since many years. The evaluation is a cornerstone for preserving the quality of teaching, which is also part of §5 of the LHG. Organizing the evaluation includes bringing the sheets to the lecturers, scanning them and typing the commentaries.

With this data we create the following documents

  • individual evaluation results for the professors and tutors
  • an overall evaluation report for the study committee.

It is is important for us a student council to organize the evaluation, such that the results are discussed in the study committee, the teaching award is rewarded, and such that the results are published in the institutes.

The laureates of the teaching award are listed on the following page: Teaching award

You can find more information and details on the organization of the evaluation on the following webpage: Detailed information about the evaluation process

Contacting  the Eval-Team:

Henrik Reinstädtler (technical aspects), Amelie Schulze (Organisation) and Nathalie Probst (Organisation) can be reached via the following email address: evaluation@mathphys.stura.uni-heidelberg.de

If you have any comments or wishes just write us an email!