Lecture Notes

Printed lecture notes

The Fachschaft regulary organizes that good lecture notes are printed. These printed scripts are financed by the “studentische QualitĂ€tssicherungsmittel (QSM)” and fonds of the faculties, such that they are free for all the students. The scripts are normally handed out during the first lecture of the semester, scripts that are left over can be get in the room of the Fachschaft during the office hours.

The offer varies from semester to semester. Just come to our office (Fachschaftsraum) and ask if we have ones in stock that are of interest to you.


Closet with lecture notes.

Lecture notes as E-books

Many professors offer good scripts on their websites, a quick research with the search engine of your choice is probably the best way to find these PDFs.

Besides that, the university libary offers many E-Books as a download for free on its Website Heidi.

Links to Scripts, which are often used as a base in teaching at Heidelberg University:

Theoretical Physics-Bachelor courses: Lecture notes of Matthias Bartelmann (external link)

Numerical Mathematiks-Bachelor courses: Lecture notes of Rolf Rannacher (external link)

Analysis-Bachelor courses: Lecture notes of Rolf Rannacher (external link)