One of the main tasks of a student council is to participate in educational boards, both on the faculty, university and level. Each semester you have the possibility to elect representatives for the “Fakult√§tsr√§te” (boards of the faculties) and the senate, from these boards representatives for subcommitties like the board of study of the various majors are delegated.¬†
In the following you can find the people that are currently holding positions in a variety of boards.
For issues concerning boards where no email-contact adress is given please consider writing to the joint mailinglist of the studentcouncil , the responsible person will read the mail and respond to you.

Students Parliament

Every student council sends representatives to the biweekly meetings of the student parlaments, where representatives from all students council and political university groups discuss issues concerning all students of the university. The student parlament itself has a variety of subdepartment for specific issues, for instance the one for social issues, sustainabilitity or for international students (  

Current representatives:

  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
        Computer Science

Head of the students council

The elected head of the student councils represent the student council in official and administrational issues. The head of the student council is the executive agency of the student council.
As our our weekly meetings are based on direct democracy for decision making and the organisation of activities, the actions of the head of the student councils are directly bound to decisions of these weekly meetings, where every student from our fields is eligible to participate and discuss.
Computer Science

Faculty boards (Fakultätsräte)

This board is the most important board of the faculty. It has the authority to decide on issues concerning research and teaching, for instance on module manuals, examination regulations and the appointment of new professors. The faculty board consists mainly of the professors of our faculties, but also a minority of students and teaching-staff is part of it.
Elected members 
Examining boards
Equal opportunities committy
Boards of admission
Mathematics and computer science
Faculty of physics and astronomy
Extended board of the Institute of computer Engineering (ZITI)