Previous exams and examination reports

Previous exams and examination reports are an important service that we provide for you! There are two possibilities to access the exercises and reports from previous exams, which are listed below:

Previous exams

Previous exams are available from all subjects (Maths, Physics, Computer Science), from both Bachelor and Master courses. They’re based either on the cooperation from the lecturers, which sometimes provide us with the exams directly, or on the effort from students to “transcribe” an exam text for us! Of course, students’ contriibutions are published in an anonymous manner, and we always appreciate the submission of the transcript of the exercises from a recent exam. You can send these to (in any format you like, including hand-written; we will convert it into a TeX file for any use afterwards).

It is very easy to obtain copies of previous exams: during our office hours, just drop by, let yourself register in our system and borrow the respective folders for copying. That’s it!

Examination reports (for oral exams)

Examination reports may help you during the preparation for an oral exam and can be obtained at any time during our office hours. ┬á Most notable oral exams are the MVMod examination in the Master of Physics and the “Staatsexamen” examination within the old program for secondary teacher’s education. The reports are grouped into several folders, usually by examiner, but sometimes also by subject or date. So feel free to shuffle a bit through the different folders to find all reports corresponding to your examination subject.

Handing in examination reports

Examination reports should be sent in digital form, preferably as a PDF file (you can also attach a TeX file if you like). Please send it to

Thank you very much!

Formale Anforderungen an Pr├╝fungsberichte

Apart from the file type, it is completely up to you what to include into your report. Hint: Put yourself into a position before your exam and think back which questions you were asking yourself. Of course, you can also simply let yourself inspire by the old examinations reports.

MVMod reports are preferably written in English, but of course you are free to choose German if you’re more comfortable with that.

For reasons of anonymity, it is recommended that you don’t include the exact date of your examination, but rather just month and year. Many students are interested in how much time you invested in your preparation (and which prequesites you had to put that number into context). A little conclusion at the end is usually helpful, addressing whether you would recommend this particular examiner and how he conducts the exam in general (does he give useful hints during the exam, does he allow you to finish your statements or does he interrupt you after every sentence, …)