Our Purpose


Our joint students’ council MathPhysInfo is comprised of the individual councils of mathematics, physics and computer science students. Being a current student in one of those courses, you’re a member of our students’ council by default and possess a vote at all council sessions by simply being present.


Finance and Projects

Everybody interested in actively participating has a say in planning mutually how we operate and spend money allocated to us as students’ council. Our allocations are funded out of a part of our administration fees.

Questions and Past Exams

When there’s time outside of our own curriculum, we are often at our office, answering questions regarding your curriculum, places you can turn to in need of personal emergencies, or your life as a student in Heidelberg. Go to Office Hours for information on office hours and how to find us. Most importantly, while the office is open, we also lend you past exams and examination reports for your exams preparations.

Committees and Assessment Interviews

Many active students’ council members occupy seats in institution- and university-wide committees where they represent us students. You’ll find an overview of those committees, their functions and the respective delegates on our committees page.

General Assemblies

Whenever our time allows it, we organise general students’ assemblies for each of our three disciplines. There, we collect feedback and and proposals regarding the curriculum and the academic environment of all participating students who can’t or don’t want to be present at our regular sessions.