About Us


According to German law, every student who is part of the faculties mathematics, physics or computational science are also part of the students council. But for us the students council is formed out of the people engaged in various committees or somehow differently involved in the everyday improvement of studies for us and also for the next generations. In principle, everybody can participate, but as usual, there are some rules and other official stuff, we want to explain briefly.

Students representatives

In everyday work, there is no difference between all of us, but the university wants us to have a few deputies as counterparts. Because every of our faculties has three of them, there are nine elected students, within the Fachschaft MathPhysInfo. They are responsible for all official belongings of a faculty’s students.


Students representatives have to be elected once a semester separately for every faculty. As usual for a democracy, these elections take place in a free, equal and secret environment and you can directly vote for your deputy of choice. Thus, you as a student of our faculties have the possibility to legitimate your student representatives for their work.

Weekly meeting

Every week during the semester and every two weeks after the courses, all students representatives meet for discussions about various current topics. Because of the organisation structure, we firstly come together for all three subjects and separate then for a more detailed view to topics of each faculty. Therefor we do not bother others with boring argumentations, but have also time to talk about many things in detail which would be omitted otherwise.