Checklist for online learning

The Office for Advisory Services of Heidelberg University have published a checklist with useful information for your daily life learning from home. If you haven’t already make use of these advises, they could help you improve your working and learning experience and feeling more comfortable without face-to-face lectures.

However, it is important as well to continue your social life, meet fellow students for example on our Discord server. Fun and anticipation for upcoming events might be important as well these days.

With this guideline, we could hopefully assist you with your studies.
Stay healthy and see you soon face-to-face!

UPDATE: Limited access to the student council room

Due to circumstances presented by the coronavirus, our student council room is only accessible within limits. To allow for normal operation during the semester break, we reopen the students council room once a week. During the Office Hours students are available to answer your questions and support you with your studies.

However, please write an email to avoid a crowded students council room. Furthermore, bring your face mask and obey the additional hygiene rules displayed at the entrance of the Mathematikon.


Hardship scholarship

Right now, corona pandemia is a challenge for all of us. Many of you might loose their jobs or cannot be supported by their parents anymore in case they loose parts of their income due to corona. We do not want anybody to get lost in bills or even to drop out of university due to financial reasons. That is why we want to remind you of the option to apply for a hardship scholarship. This special scholarship should prevent students in financial trouble from dropping out of university. Please send applications to the responsible committee. Further information on all the desired documents are provided by the university students council. Currently, applications can only be submitted via e-mail. This scholarship is an offer to all students in financial need including refugees and students from abroad.

Make a good time for now and stay safe!

Digital learning collection for physics

Due to the current unprecedented situation, it is very important to provide valuable online teaching methods. In the scope of an eLearning Challenge, we want to collect links of examples (e.g. YouTube videos, scripts, animations, etc.) for professors and physics students. Therefore, share your preferred learning material and websites with us. If you know some great platforms, please add them to this form.

Please share this message that the database can grow steadily. The bigger this collection, the better our teaching next semester! If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your participation and stay healthy, 

Otto Hahn eLearning Team Uni Heidelberg

Current note: Adjusted lending

Due to the urgent measures of the university administration, the office of the student’s council had to be closed. Therefore, the lending of sample exams and examination reports is not possible in its current manner. Nevertheless, a quick software development effort allows the forwarding of examination reports via email. Please contact us if you are interested. Unfortunately, sample exams are not covered, which is why a lending is not possible until further notice.