Hardship scholarship for students in financial need

Have you heard about the hardship scholarship of the Stura?

The student representation financially supports students that are confronted to a hard financial situation. They ask us to share the following information:

Dear Students,

the corona pandemic is a challenge for all of us. Many of you might loose their jobs or cannot be supported by their parents anymore in case they loose parts of their income due to corona. We do not want anybody to drop out of university due to financial reasons. That is why we want to remind you of the option to apply for a hardship scholarship. This is a special scholarship to prevent students in financial trouble from dropping out of university. Please send applications to haertefallkommission@stura.uni-heidelberg.de. Here you will find information on all the documents we need: https://www.stura.uni-heidelberg.de/angebote/info/hardship-scholarship/ (english). Currently applications can only be submitted via e-mail. This scholarship is an offer to all students in financial need including refugees and students from abroad.

Stay safe!

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