Bachelor Physics

This is essentially a tl;dr version of the German page.

Structure of the program

The first semesters are much more structured than the latter ones, with a focus on Mathematics, Experimental Physics (Ex) and Theoretical Physics (Theo). The most important choice from the first semester is that between calculus (Analysis; “Ana”) and higher mathematics (Höhere Mathematik; “HöMa”), which is basically a harder version of calculus.

Later, you can choose more freely from different types electives:

  • Wahlpflichtbereich (14 credits): Advanced/more in-depth Physics lectures
  • Wahlbereich (17 credits): Here, you can choose electives from other subjects as well, such as Mathematics, Chemistry and Philosophy.
  • Übergreifende Kompetenzen (interdisciplinary competences, 19 credits): prep course, programming courses, language courses, etc.

Orientation exam

The orientation exam is a particularity of the university system in Baden-WĂŒrttemberg. It has to be completed until the end of the third semester in order to be able to continue studying Physics. In Heidelberg, this is the Experimental Physics 1 (Ex 1) lecture.

Exams and grades

In the Bachelor program, there are two “tries” for every module, with every try consisting of the exam and the repetition exam. In addition, you have two “jokers” in total, which give you a third try for one specific lecture. You can also choose two grades of modules to not be included.

Many questions concerning all Physics programs are also answered on the FAQ page of Prof. Dullemond, and of course you can address all your questions to us as well.